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Northern Utah Funga Project Intro

On 4/28/21, Gabriela D'Elia introduced Utah’s first community science project sponsored by the Mushroom Society of Utah. NUF is a member of the Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDiS; fka North American Mycoflora Project), a community science project that focuses on bringing fungi to the “conservation table”.

NUF intends to contribute high quality macrofungi observations to FunDiS’ diversity database using iNaturalist. NUF intends to describe the macrofungi of northern Utah, including rare, potentially-threatened, and under-documented species. NUF plans to maintain a collection of northern Utah fungi for use in DNA sequencing, vouch specimens in curated fungaria, and lead mycology community science in northern Utah.

What is Funga? The word Funga parallels existing terminology of Flora and Fauna, and is the word to refer to the diversity of fungi in a place.

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