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Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region

by Vera Evenson

In Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region, Vera Evenson describes more than 220 species of the region’s most conspicuous, distinctive, interesting, and ecologically important mushrooms. This comprehensive guide features introductory chapters on the basics of mushroom structure, life cycles, and habitats. Profiles include color photographs, keys, and diagrams to aid in identification, and tips on how to recognize and avoid poisonous mushrooms.

Covers Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as adjacent areas in Montana and Idaho

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The Essential Guide to Rocky Mountain Mushrooms by Habitat

By Cathy Cripps, Vera Evenson, Michael Kuo

From grassland fairy circles to alpine nano-shrooms, the Rocky Mountain region invites mushroom hunters to range though a mycological nirvana. Accessible and scientifically up-to-date, The Essential Guide to Rocky Mountain Mushrooms by Habitat is the definitive reference for uncovering post-rain rarities and kitchen favorites alike. Dazzling full-color photos highlight the beauty of hundreds of species. Easy-to-navigate entries offer essential descriptions and tips for identifying mushrooms, including each species' edibility, odor, taste, and rumored medicinal properties. The authors organize the mushrooms according to habitat zone. This ecology-centered approach places each species among surrounding flora and fauna and provides a trove of fascinating insights on how these charismatic fungi interact with the greater living world.

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Mushrooms of Utah

By Don Johnston

"Edible wild mushrooms in Utah? We're too dry for that!

Don't believe it. We have some of the best mushroom crops in the world. This series is addressed to the many individuals who are curious about wild mushrooms, but are not necessarily interested in studying all the mushrooms of the world. Perhaps all you want is to be able to identify a few of the mushrooms you see all the time. All mushrooms included in this book are native to Utah. In fact, all the photos have been taken in Utah, generally in and around Salt Lake City. With this book, you don't have to worry about all the hundreds of different choices, you can search for a specific mushroom pictured and described on a page."

-Don Johnston, author

Ordering info: 

The book Mushrooms of Utah is produced privately by Don Johnston (has never been published). You can contact him on his identification Facebook group: (Can Direct Message him) Or email him at He usually charges $20.00

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Mushrooms of Utah Facebook Group

By Don Johnston

Mushrooms of Utah is dedicated to the amateur mushroom collector who may wish to eat some of the mushrooms you’ve found. We will attempt to inform participants on various aspects of toxicity. In some cases, we will describe possible effects and let you make the choice whether or not to eat a particular mushroom. In no case will we indicate a mushroom is edible if there are any known risks to health. M of U will be a place where we can openly discuss edibility of mushrooms without repercussion.

We will attempt to help identify any mushroom posted on this page. We will also, on request, suggest whether you should eat this mushroom or not. Bear in mind, there is no rule of thumb to tell a poisonous mushroom from an edible one. You must know the specific identity of any mushroom.

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Mycology for Beginners

University of Utah Continuing Education

Taught by Katie Lawson

Fungi are all around us playing critical roles in nearly every terrestrial ecosystem--but how much do you really know about mycology? Explore the world of fungi, including the many ways we can partner with fungi to improve our planet. We'll learn about fungal biology, ethnomycology, and oyster mushroom cultivation in the hot desert climate.

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Fungal Focus

Fungal Focus seeks to support and expand the community of mushroom growers and fungal advocates in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas.

We seek to to build affordable, accessible, and engaging grow kits and workshops for folks of all ages.

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Fungi Fancy Coloring Book

By local artist Alison Neville

Five Star Rated-24 single sided coloring pages-matte-cover which can also be colored! Highly detailed and great for meditation and relaxation. Learn Mushroom identification the fun way 8.5"x 11" page size. 

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