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2024 Fall Foray Swag

Design this year's Fall Foray bandana and win a cash prize! 

The winning design will be printed on a 22x22 in square bandana (print space 18x18 in) to be given as a gift to all participants of this year's Fall Foray. 


Prize money is a one-time award. No other compensation will be given. Bandanas will not be sold for a profit.

WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: Fungi, of course! We love all mushrooms, but if you are looking for inspiration, mushrooms specific to Utah are the dearest to our heart, and fall-season mushrooms are always on theme for the Fall Foray. 


Below were our options for last year's bandana. As exampled in the first and last design, bandana patterns are often concentric to work with any way it is folded (most often diagonally), but it doesn't have to be so long as it minimizes empty space. 



You can create your art digitally or by hand, so long as the image uploaded is clean, of a sufficient size, and is your work (no AI please). See below for terms and conditions regarding the artist, the art, and the submission. 

SELECTION PROCESS: The winner will be selected via membership vote. Depending on the amount of designs submitted, the Fall Foray planning committee may select the top picks for members to vote on.

Terms and Conditions:

Artist must...

  • be of at least 18 years of age,

  • be a resident of Utah,

  • only submit one design,

  • not violate any copyright laws,

  • understand that by entering this contest, The Mushroom Society of Utah has the right to use and alter your artwork.


Design must...

  • be fungi themed,

  • include “Mushroom Society of Utah” or "MSU",

  • include "2024" and "Fall Foray",

  • be submitted as a single color*.


File must...

  • be submitted as a .jpeg or .png,

  • be at least 2112x2112 pixels,

  • be named “LastName2024Bandana”,

  • be submitted by MIDNIGHT ON JULY 23RD.

*We are limited to a single-ink print. Submitting your design as black on white works just fine for printing in any color, but if it helps for your vision, here are our color options:

Ink: Black, White, Red, Orange, Athletic Gold, Bright Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Purple, Hot Pink.


Bandana: Black, White, Charcoal Gray, Natural, Cocoa Brown, Wine, Red, Orange, Athletic Gold, Bright Yellow, Lime Green, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Teal, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Columbia Blue, Light Blue, Lavender, Dark Purple, Light Pink, Hot Pink.

If you have any questions please email Aimée at!



Please attached your submission design here (high quality .jpeg or .png file of at least 2112x2112 px)

Upload File

Thanks for submitting! Participants will be emailed with the results.

The design contest is now closed!

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