Culinary Applications Committee

Part of the mission statement of MSU is culinary exploration and contribution. Whether you have a cooking background or just want to learn more, consider being part of this new community.

Fall Foray Organizing Committee

Each fall, MSU hosts it's largest event of the year, the Fall Foray. Sign up to help plan and organize the 3 day tradition (lectures, identification, contests and cook outs). 

Scientific Contributions Committee

Mycology (the study of fungi) is an area of science where amateurs and hobbyists can make significant contributions. Help facilitate the mushroom sample collection for the University of Utah herbarium or help educate other members about what is known about this very unique kingdom. 

Community and Social Interaction Committee

Help contribute to our in person events such as the winter potluck or welcoming newbies to a foray (outing to search for mushrooms) or help curate posts for our social media. 

Awareness and Aesthetic Appreciation Committee

Most people don't learn about mushrooms in school. Help spread the word about how fungi impacts and enriches our lives.

Education and Mentoring Committee

Books are great but there's no substitute for having one or more mentors on the journey of fungal education. Help us come up with new workshop/event ideas that will keep the learning going all year round.  

No experience needed to get involved! Sign up here:

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