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Fall Foray 2022

From September 9th-11th, MSU celebrated the annual Fall Foray in the town of Francis, near the Uinta mountains. While fairly dry conditions marked the end of mushroom season, our club had a strong turn out and a slate of wonderful presenters.

Talks included Dejon Wallace on mushroom cultivation, Stephanie Cannon on foray leadership, Gabriela D'Elia on community science, the Northern Utah Funga project, and the Utah state mushroom campaign (as well as Chandler Rosenberg), Mark Cannon on microscopy, a table tour by Adam Luker, a sampling of various mushrooms prepared by the MSU culinary committee, Tyler Hacking on the molecular gastronomy of mushrooms, and Katie Lawson on mycoremediation.

Six foray groups went out on Saturday, allowing us to have a diverse collection of specimens for examination.

Thank you to everyone who came out, camped out, volunteered, did potluck, played music and generally made this a spectacular time to connect with fellow mushroom admirers.


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Foray 2022 Lecture by Adam Luker
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