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Foray Information



Small group forays will be held the first weekend of the summer months (the weekends of June 3rd, July 1st, and August 5th). 


Are forays always on Saturday?

No, foray leaders have a choice of picking a date and time around the weekends listed above. (That could be a Friday early morning, a Sunday evening, ect...)


How do I sign up to go on a foray?

A week or so before the forays, all MSU members will receive an email with a link to a registration page on our website. The registration page will show all available groups. Registration is required to attend a foray. Foray size is limited by the foray leader. Location is picked by the foray leader. When a foray is full, registration will close for that group. The registration page will not exist on the website until registration is opened (you won't be able to see it now). 


Like all mushroom clubs nowadays, demand from people who want to attend forays is much higher than the supply of people who lead forays. 


What can you do?

-Register immediately when you see a foray posted.

-Further your study of mushrooms so you too can lead. It is not necessary to be an expert, but the more experience you have will enable you to help newer people within the hobby. 


What if I want to lead a foray?

Ashley will send out a call for foray leaders once a month. Reply to those emails and she will follow up with you. 

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