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July 2024 Forays

What is this event?
Forays are guided mushroom walks. Small groups are led to a location in search of fungi with the help of an experienced forager.  


Who is able to attend?
Forays are MSU-members only events and participants must register beforehand. We ask that you please refrain from signing up for multiple forays within one month to allow others a chance to participate. 

Not yet a member? Join today!​


What should you bring? 
The following items are not required but can be helpful as you're looking for fungi:

  • Basket

  • Wax bags

  • Knife

  • Trowel

  • Small brush

  • Water

  • A snack

  • Sunscreen

  • Layers 

  • Treaded shoes

Anything else?

Like all mushroom clubs nowadays, demand from people who want to attend forays is much higher than the supply of people who are able to lead forays. We are currently implementing and workshopping future solutions to educate and empower new leaders and appreciate your patience and understanding that all offerings of the society are run on the volunteer labor of just a handful of dedicated folk. If all the forays are filled by the time you get here, know that we post more forays as leaders volunteer throughout the month, announcement dates are not set and can happen anytime—keep an eye on your email!

We suggest you register immediately when you see a foray posted as the slots fill up quick. We also ask that you please let us know asap if you will not be able to make it to your reserved foray so we can free up the slot.  And finally, make connections and exchange contact with other members of the society so you have a mushroom hunting buddy to explore new territory with!

Want to volunteer to lead?

Fantastic! Foray leaders should have experience foraging independently and some knowledge of identification/evaluation of mushrooms. It is not necessary to be an expert, but the more experience you have will enable you to help newer people within the hobby.


Here's how you can prepare: 

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