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MSU 2024 T-Shirt Design Submission

Design our 2024 t-shirt and win a cash prize (generously donated by MSU members)! We are again looking for three different designs to print this year to gift to our membership. Show us what you've got!

Each winning design will be printed on t-shirts for MSU members to select from for their 2024 membership gift. 




Each winner will also receive a shirt of their design! 

Prize money is a one-time award. No other compensation will be given. Shirts will not be sold for a profit. 

Terms and Conditions:


  • must be of at least 18 years of age,

  • must be a resident of Utah,

  • must only submit one design,

  • must not violate any copyright laws,

  • understands that by entering this contest, The Mushroom Society of Utah has the right to use and alter your artwork.



  • must be fungi themed,

  • must include “Mushroom Society of Utah” and “2024”,

  • must be submitted as a single color.



  • must be named “LastName2024Shirt”,

  • must be submitted as a .jpeg,

  • must be at least 300 dpi,

  • must be submitted by MIDNIGHT FEB. 19TH.

If you have any questions please email Aimée at


Please attached your submission design here (high quality .jpeg files at least 300 dpi)

Upload File

Thanks for submitting! Participants will be emailed with the results.

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