Fall Foray T-shirt Design Submission

The selected artwork will receive a $250 prize (generously donated by MSU members) and a free T-shirt with their design. 

Terms and Conditions
- Artists must be residents of Utah
- Designs may only include a one color (multi-color designs will be changed to single-color or the submitted design color may be changed to best work with T-shirt color)

- Designs should be fungi themed and include the text "Aug 28th- 30th, 2020", "Fall Foray", and "Mushroom Society of Utah"
- A one-time award of $250 and one T-shirt will be awarded to the selected design

- No other compensation will be given
- By entering you are giving the Mushroom Society of Utah the right to use and alter your artwork

- Submissions are due by 11 PM on June 30th

If you have any questions please email Alison Neville at secretary@utahmushrooms.org

Please attached your submission design here (high quality .jpeg files at least 300 dpi)

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